The Drive with Lon Tay & Derek Piper

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02/19/20 Hour 2: Giorgi’s Struggles, Ayo Audio, FS1 All Access Sound Bytes

Lon and Trevor discuss Giorgi's rough night going 1-for-6 from the field, and if being the backup center to Kofi is still a viable option. Later, hear audio from after last night's win from Ayo Dosunmu, who updates his condition. Then, the guys play several sound bytes from FS1's All Access broadcast that highlight Underwood and Chambers' interactions with the players and officials.

02/19/20 Hour 1: Illlinois Upsets No. 9 Penn State!; Craig Choate (WCIA3)

Lon and Trevor discuss Illinois' huge road win over #9 Penn State, and the legendary heroics of Ayo Dosunmu. Later, the guys chat with Craig Choate, who was at Happy Valley last night to witness the upset victory.

02/18/20 Hour 2: Drive Time, Previewing PSU-ILL, Play-by-Play of the 1st Half

Lon and Trevor preview what Illinois has to do tonight against Penn State to pull off the upset, before doing some pseudo play-by-play as the first half tips off while the guys are still live on the air.

02/18/20 Hour 1: Derek Piper (Live from Penn St), Illini-PSU Talk, Daytona 500

Lon and Trevor chat with co-host Derek Piper, who's live on-location at Penn State for the Illini game tonight. Later, the guys recap the crazy ending to the Daytona 500 and Ryan Newman's condition.

02/17/20 Hour 2: Daytona 500 Talk, Predicting the Final Big 10 Hoops Standings

Lon and Trevor talk about the Daytona 500 and when they think "the big one" will occur. Later, the guys go through the top 8 teams in the Big Ten and predict how the final standings will look on March 8th. Then, the guys react to... THE BIG ONE!

02/17/20 Hour 1: Mike Carpenter In-Studio; Talking Illini Loss to Rutgers

Lon and Trevor cover the show while Derek is on the east coast and welcome in their old friend Mike Carpenter to talk about the Illinois loss to Rutgers, and where the team goes from here.

02-14-20 Hour 2: Aaron Breitman (@aaron_breitman); MLB Astros talk; Who Ya Got?

The guys talk to Rutgers reporter and managing editor of, Aaron Breitman on Rutgers basketball. Later, they talk about the Astros with audio from Bellinger on the cheating. At the end of the hour, Hans joins for Who Ya Got.

02/14/20 Hour 1: Will Ayo play?; Underwood Audio; Trev’s Ticket

The guys breakdown Ayo's injury on whether or not he'll play vs. Rutgers. Includes Underwood talking about Ayo and his day to day progress. Later, Lon offers advice on hard knocks and who to pick for the Masters.

02/13/20 Hour 2: Tim Sinclair (Illini/NBA PA), Astros Player/Owner Audio

Lon and Derek talk with Tim Sinclair, who calls Illini games, Pacers games and will be the PA for this weekend's NBA All-Star festivities in Chicago. Later, the guys hear and react to the Astros' ownership and players, as they break their silence following the cheating scandal.

02/13/20 Hour 1: Ranking B1G Hoops Coaches, Yadier Molina’s Value, Chris Widlic (Indiana & Purdue)

Lon and Derek discuss whether or not Matt Painter is the best coach in the Big 10 and run through their rankings of the conference's coaches. Later, the guys discuss how to value Yadier Molina and how amazing it is that he's in his 17th season in the majors. Then they talk with Chris Widlic, who details the struggles of Indiana basketball and whether Archie Miller is on the hot seat.

02/12/20 Hour 2: What to do with Giorgi??? SVPod Audio on Champaign, and Underwood Audio

Trevor and Derek talk about what to do with Giorgi after another tough game. Discuss Underwood post game quotes and SVP talks about Champaign on his recent podcast. 

02/12/20: Ayo’s Health, Brad Evans and Izzo Audio

With Lon out, Piper and Trevor talk about Ayo's health and talk with Brad Evans about college basketball nationally. 

02/11/20 Hour 2: Live from Gameday Spirit! Rod Smith (Illini OC), Jeremy Werner (Illini Inquirer), ILL-MSU Picks

Lon and Derek are LIVE from Gameday Spirit prior to tonight's huge Illinois-MSU game. They chat Illinois football with offensive coordinator Rod Smith, and focus on which positions will be addressed through the transfer market this offseason. Later, Jeremy Werner drops by to chat with the guys and help preview tonight's game.

02/11/20 Hour 1: Live from Gameday Spirit! Previewing Illini vs Michigan State

Lon and Derek are LIVE from Gameday Spirit on Neil Street to preview tonight's huge matchup between the Illini and the Michigan State Spartans! They talk with Maclaine Stahl of Gameday Spirit to discuss tonight's Orange Out before breaking down each position and where Illinois has the edge over the Spartans.

02/10/20 Hour 2: Drive Time (Bobby Knight, Phillip Rivers), Big 10 Stock Market: Buy or Sell?; Andre Curbelo

Derek and Trevor preview Illinois' big bout with Michigan State tomorrow and whether the Bears should pursue Phillip Rivers. Later, the boys hit the stock exchange and buy and sell stock on the Big 10 teams. Derek wraps up the show recapping Illini commit Andre Curbelo's standout performance. 

02/10/20 Hour 1: Recapping Maryland Loss; Underwood/Ayo/Trent Audio; Giorgi’s Struggles

Derek and Trevor dive into Illinois' 9-point loss to Maryland: how it happened, what it means and what's up next for the Illini. Later, hear from Brad Underwood, Ayo and Trent from today's media availability.

2/07/20 Hour 2: Drive Time; Dave Wischnowsky; Who Ya Got

The guys talk about all the latest sports stories of the day in Drive Time. At 5:30, Chicago Sports & News Columnist, Dave Wischnowsky (@wischlist) joins Lon to discuss Illini basketball. At the end of the hour, Hans hosts Who Ya Got for this weekend's match ups.

2/07/20 Hour 1: Illini Basketball; Audio from Underwood

The guys talk about Illini Basketball and their game against Maryland tonight.

02/06/20 Hour 2: Drive Time (Purdue Pounds Iowa, Final 4 Longshots), How Many NBA Players Does Lon Know?

Lon and Derek talk about Purdue's shocking blowout win over Iowa, and which teams are dark horse favorites to make it to the Final Four (including Illinois?). Later, Derek and Trevor pepper Lon with NBA players that were involved in trades today to see how many of them Lon knows.

02/06/20 Hour 1: Chin Coleman, Brad Underwood Presser Audio, Mettler Mix-Up

Lon and Derek chat with Illini assistant coach Chin Coleman, and discuss tomorrow's huge game against Maryland, Ayo's late-game heroics and the Iowa handshake line incident. Later, the guys play audio from Brad Underwood's press conference and talk to Dr. Matthew Gordon from the Mettler Center.